Gemstone for Tula (Libra)

Gemstone for Tula (Libra) [Rashi & Lagna]


 Tula (Libra) [Rashi & Lagna] 


Embrace the harmonious energy of Venus with Diamond, the premier gemstone for individuals born under the Tula Rashi or with Tula as their Ascendant. At Rudratree Gemstones, our gems serve as potent conduits of cosmic energy, carefully curated to enhance both your sense of beauty and diplomatic skills. 

Gemstone for Tula 

Diamond (Heera) 

 Astrological Significance 

Diamond is highly recommended for those with Venus prominently positioned in their horoscope, especially beneficial for enhancing charm, grace, and artistic talents. It amplifies Venus’ positive influences, fostering love, beauty, and harmonious relationships. 


Aesthetic Enhancement: Enhances physical attractiveness, promotes a radiant aura, and imbues a sense of elegance. 

Diplomatic Skills: Fosters negotiation abilities, promotes conflict resolution, and encourages cooperation and compromise. 

Artistic Expression: Stimulates creativity, enhances artistic talents, and fosters appreciation for beauty in all forms. 

 Purpose of Wearing 

Diamond harnesses the harmonious energy of Venus, enriching this planet’s aesthetic essence to enhance both inner beauty and external charm of individuals with Tula Rashi or Tula Ascendant. 

 Conditions and Methods of Wearing 

Metal Choice: Diamond can be set in gold or platinum. However, prioritizing a high-quality stone over the metal setting is essential. The gemstone’s efficacy primarily depends on its quality and proper ritual energization, rather than the metal. 

How to Wear: Diamond should be set in a ring and worn on the ring finger of the right hand. It is best worn on a Friday morning during Shukla Paksha (Growing moon phase), following a thorough cleansing and energizing ritual. 

 Rudratree Gemstones Ancient Vedic Preparation 

Our gemstones undergo a sanctification process utilizing ancient Vedic methods akin to those employed for consecrating deities in Indian temples. This ensures that each gemstone is infused with potent and beneficial energies.


Embrace the celestial influence of Venus in your life with our Vedic Diamond. At Rudratree Gemstones, we assure you that each gemstone is not only a symbol of aesthetic elegance but also a vessel of ancient wisdom and celestial potency. 

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