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At Rudra Tree, we take pride in offering the Navaratnas, a collection of nine precious gemstones, each sourced from the finest mines around the world. These jewels are not just stones; they are a legacy of beauty and rarity, handpicked from the most renowned locations globally.

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  1. Ruby (Manik) – Sourced from the Mogok Valley in Myanmar, the Montepuez mine in Mozambique, and the Chanthaburi mines in Thailand. Each mine is celebrated for producing rubies of exceptional quality and color.
  2. Pearl (Moti) – Our pearls are harvested from the coastal waters of Japan (notably Mikimoto Pearl Island), and the South Sea regions of Australia, known for their lustrous and high-quality pearls.
  3. Coral (Moonga) – Sourced from the Mediterranean Sea, particularly the Sciacca region in Italy, and the Pacific Ocean near Japan and Taiwan, renowned for their vibrant red corals.
  4. Emerald (Panna) – Our emeralds come from the esteemed mines of Colombia (like the Muzo and Chivor mines), Zambia (including the Kagem and Kamakanga mines), and Russia’s Ural Mountains, each known for their distinct quality and hues.
  5. Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) – Sourced from the Ratnapura mines in Sri Lanka, the Pailin mines in Cambodia, and the Kanchanaburi mines in Thailand, celebrated for their vivid colors and clarity.
  6. Diamond (Heera) – Diamonds are sourced from the world-renowned mines of Botswana (Jwaneng mine), Russia (Mir mine), and South Africa (Cullinan mine), each known for their high-quality and brilliantly cut diamonds.
  7. Blue Sapphire (Neelam) – Our blue sapphires come from the famous mines of Kashmir (India), Madagascar (Ilakaka region), and Sri Lanka (Ratnapura), each offering sapphires with unique shades and brilliance.
  8. Hessonite (Gomed) – Sourced from the renowned mines of Sri Lanka (Ratnapura region), Africa (especially from mines in Tanzania and Kenya), and India (Orissa region), known for their rich, warm colors.
  9. Cat’s Eye (Lehsunia) – Our Cat’s Eye gemstones are sourced from India (Orissa and Kerala mines), Brazil (Minas Gerais), and Sri Lanka, famous for producing stones with a distinct chatoyant effect.

 Our Ethical Sourcing Promise

At Rudra Tree, we are committed to ethical sourcing. We ensure our Navaratnas are obtained from environmentally responsible mines, respecting the natural habitats and communities involved. Each gemstone is a testament to our dedication to quality, authenticity, and sustainability.


 Why Rudra Tree for Navaratnas? 

Authenticity: Every Navaratna gemstone from Rudra Tree comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Global Sourcing: Our extensive network ensures we source only from the best mines worldwide.

Ethical Practices: We are steadfast in our commitment to responsible and ethical sourcing.

Ready to explore our Navaratnas collection? Connect with us for a journey into the world of precious gemstones, each with a unique story and heritage.

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