RudraTree: 101-Year Legacy of Rudraksha and Gemstones


RudraTree: Embracing Tradition with Rudraksha and Gemstones

RudraTree, established in 1923, is renowned for its commitment to providing authentic Rudraksha malas and gemstones. The organization was founded by Somasundaram Pillai Surveyor of Madras state, who initially embarked on a divine mission to find the perfect Rudraksha mala for Tirupati Lord Balaji on the requests of Tirupati administration. This journey took him through various landscapes in Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.

Over the decades, RudraTree has become a trusted name in spiritual practices, recognized by many ancient temples and spiritual organizations worldwide. we have been instrumental in connecting millions of Shiva devotees with spiritual wellness and harmony through their offerings.

Our products range from various Rudraksha combinations like Navagraha-shanti-combination, Astha-laxmi-combination, karya-siddhi-combination, and Shiva Mrityunjaya Combination to different Mukhi Malas, ranging from 2 Mukhi to 21 Mukhi. Additionally, we offer specific protection/Kavach and Rudraksha by Zodiac/Rashi.

RudraTree’s vision is to make the power of Rudraksha accessible to everyone, aiding in achieving career success, business growth, happy marital and peaceful life, and ultimately bliss and salvation. we emphasize the importance of making these sacred items affordable and accessible to all.

The organization is also ISO 9001:2015 TUV certified, highlighting their commitment to quality and authenticity. We promise not just a product but a legacy, directly sourced from the grounds of Nepal and Indonesia, and imbued with the essence of ancient Vedic rituals.

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