Who can wear Cat’s eye 


Who can wear Cat’s eye 


As an industry leader in the gemstone sector for more than a century and twenty-two years, Rudratree Rudraksha and Gemstones specializes in providing gemstones that are aesthetically pleasing and possess potent astrological properties. One such gemstone is the cat’s eye, which in Vedic astrology is referred to as ‘Lehsunia’ or ‘Vaidurya’ and is distinguished by its captivating aesthetic and exceptional attributes. This gem is revered for its fortune-bringing and protection against negative energies.  
1. Significance in Astrology of the Cat’s Eye:  
Ketu, the shadow planet recognized in Vedic astrology for its spiritual leanings and karmic influences, is linked to cat’s eye. Spiritual advancement and psychic capabilities are frequently augmented while mitigating the adverse impacts of Ketu.  
2. Perfect for the Dasha or Antardasha of Ketu:  
Those whose astrological cycles coincide with the major or minor period of Ketu may benefit significantly from donning a cat’s eye. They can be shielded from the volatility associated with Ketu, which frequently brings about abrupt, unanticipated changes, by wearing this gemstone.  
3. Positive Aspects for Other Zodiac Signs:  
Although there is no particular zodiac sign that Ketu governs, individuals whose horoscopes place Ketu in a favorable position or who are experiencing health issues such as allergies and skin disorders, as well as losses and lack of direction, can benefit from donning a cat’s eye.  
4. Spiritual and Physical Health Improvement:  
Cat’s eye is renowned for its capacity to augment psychic abilities and spiritual awareness. It is also believed to bestow physical health and affluence, especially upon those recovering from chronic or post-operative conditions.  
5. Protection against misfortune and evil:  
Its ability to shield the wearer from evil entities and eyes is among the most significant qualities of the cat’s eye gemstone. It is thought to protect against invisible foes and threats, promoting mental tranquility and equilibrium.  
In conclusion,  
Every cat’s eye gemstone in the collection at Rudratree Rudraksha and Gemstones is sourced and processed in accordance with our stringent criteria, which guarantees the gemstone’s genuine potency and pristine quality. As we persist in upholding our century-old custom, our steadfast dedication remains on delivering gemstones that not only embellish but also safeguard and enrich the existence of our clientele.  

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