Does rudraksha colour change in water?


Rudraksha beads do not change colour when submerged in water. Rudraksha beads are created from the hard, woody seeds of the Rudraksha tree. These beads are renowned for their longevity and water resistance. 

Rudraksha beads do not change colour when submerged in water. Rudraksha beads are renowned for their tenacity and water resistance. Rudraksha tree seeds, which have a hard, woody feel, are used to make them.  

What colour do rudraksha’s come in? 

Rudraksha beads are typically dark or black in colour and do not significantly change colour when they are exposed to water. 

The colour of rudraksha beads range from light brown to dark brown or black. Rudraksha bead colours that are most frequently used include: 

Brown: It can range in colour from a pale shade of brown to a dark brown. Most Rudraksha beads available on the market are brown in hue.  

Black: Some Rudraksha beads are a deep shade of brown or are naturally black. Some people place a great value on these black Rudraksha beads since they are comparatively more rare. 

It’s crucial to remember that there are a number of imitation or synthetically coloured Rudraksha beads on the market. When exposed to water or other outside elements, these beads may lose their colour or start to fade. It is therefore advised to buy Rudraksha beads from trustworthy suppliers to guarantee their authenticity and quality. When exposed to water, natural Rudraksha beads, which are normally brown or black in colour, shouldn’t significantly change in hue. 

Finally,Rudraksha beads’ natural hue, which is frequently black or brown, does not change when they come into contact with water. Real Rudraksha beads withstand moisture and maintain their beauty and properties over time. 

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