Savar Naag Rudraksha

Benefits of Savar Naag Rudraksha

  • Harmony is bestowed to its owner.
  • Success in business and real estate transactions is promised to those who wear this rudraksha.
  • It’s also a magnet for good fortune.
  • It’s a lucky charm and a spiritual uplifter.
  • Energise the soul and mind.

As we stand on the cusp of completing a century in service, our ISO 9001:2015 certification stands testament to our unyielding commitment to quality and authenticity. We promise you not just a product, but a legacy, handpicked directly from the nurturing grounds of Nepal and Indonesia, bearing the essence of ancient Vedic rituals with energizing procedures.

At RudraTree, we offer more than a Rudraksha; we offer an experience enriched with authenticity and spiritual awakening, making divine connections possible and affordable. Join us in this sacred journey, as we continue to bring the unparalleled power and purity of Rudraksha beads into homes globally, fostering spiritual connections that stand the test of time. Let the RudraTree legacy be a part of your spiritual journey, as we vow to uphold the values of quality, affordability, and spiritual authenticity for generations to come.


Savar Naag Rudraksha

  • Savar Rudraksha or Savar Naag Rudraksha is ruled by the Supreme Lord Shiva Himself.
  • It is a twin bead Rudraksha which is very rarely found and is characterized by two naturally joined Rudraksha beads with one of the beads being the one Mukhi Rudraksha.
  • This Rudraksha bead is worn for spiritual growth and abundance in all aspects of life.
  • The wearing of Savar Naag Bead awakes the consciousness of the wearer and also bestows unity.
  • This powerful Rudraksha bead is one of the most divine gifts from Nature to humankind.
  • It is said to be ruled by the Supreme Lord Shiva. The energy of the Savar Rudraksha beads is immense.
  • The Savar Naag Rudraksha is blessed and heavenly because it contains the holy one mukhi Rudraksha in the form of the trunk.
  • Lord Shiva presides over Savar Rudraksha, also known as Savar Naag Rudraksha.
  • Wearing this Rudraksha bead help in enhanced spiritual growthand material success.

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Rules to follow and maintain your Savar Naag Rudraksha:
• The best time to wear the Savar Naag Rudraksha is the morning time. One should take the bath then should wear the Rudraksha or mala. Whenever you wear the Rudraksha, always chant the mantra while donning it.
• Worship it and offer incense stick and ghee Diya(lamp) to it. One should not wear the Rudraksha before the bath and even should not touch it with dirty hands.
• There are no specific literatures on food habits for wearing a Rudraksha , Even though it’s not required, a vegetarian diet and a satvic way of life to be followed. Healthy food is recommended for the best effects.
• One important thing that Rudraksha should never be carried to the cremation and funeral ground. Even during the birth of newborn or where new baby is born the Rudraksh should be avoided.
• Always keep your Rudraksha clean. Dust and dirt can settle within the pores of the bead. Clean these as frequently as you can.
• If the thread becomes dirty or damaged, change it. After cleaning, wash your Rudraksha with Ganga Jal or milk. This helps maintain its sanctity.
• Always keep the Rudraksha oiled. After regular cleaning, oil the bead and offer them the incense sticks. This is of utmost importance. Especially when not using the bead for some time or storing it for a long time.
• Many get confused with the form and size. One shouldn’t seriously worry about it. One must care that the Mukhi you buy should be well defined, and should be natural, there should be no cracks.
• Since Rudraksha is a tropical inedible fruit, it is hot in nature. Some people just can’t wear it. Their skin shows sign of allergy.
• So better not to use, Keeps the beads in Puja room and offer daily Namaskars to them.
• Mala that we wear around neck is formed of 108 beads or 54 beads. Japa mala can be as small as 27 beads. Do not use neck mala as Japa mala or interchangeably because purpose of each and every is different. before wearing the Rudraksha take that mala to lord Shiva’s temple and offer Rudra Abhishek.
• Only after that the mala should be worn. One should chant the mantra “OM NAMAH SHIVAY” for at least 3 times while wearing it.

• Since Rudraksha is incredibly divine and pure in nature, it should be held in gold. Exceptions are permitted. Silver or strong red or black thread is even good to go for the Rudraksh.
• Also, it’s advisable to take off beads while taking bath as excess soap dehydrates the beads natural oil. They have to be worn with faith, respect and one should love it.
• Rudraksha divine beads is worn by anybody regardless of age, gender, caste, creed, culture and place.

• Rudraksha is the divine gift and thus very precious. There are variety of process through which the Rudraksha beads can be energized and can provides best outcomes.
• The best and most auspicious day to wear the Rudraksha is on Monday as this day is devoted to lord Shiva, or it can be worn out on any day with proper rituals and worship.


Origin: Nepal and Java, Indonesia
Ruling Deity: Lord Shiva
Ruling Planet: Venus
Beej Mantra:  Om Namah Shivaye


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How to wear Savar Rudraksha?



The Shiva Purana says Rudrakshas may be worn as bracelets, armlets, lockets, and malas. Rudrakshas may be worn with thread, copper, silver, or gold caps, or with silver or gold wire.


Who should wear the Savar Rudraksha?



All devotees from all backgrounds and backgrounds, as well as caste faith and gender are able to wear the divine Rudraksha beads. It is believed that Savar Naag Rudraksha has calmed the cursed effect of the Jupiter.

Why Choose RudraTree

We have fostered a rich tradition that spans nearly a century. Our journey began with a divine task — to find the perfect Rudraksha mala for Tirupati Lord Balaji, a mission that saw Pillai traversing the diverse landscapes of Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.

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Susmita Sil
Susmita Sil
Its really good and pandi ji help me out career with everything.
Deepak Bhat
Deepak Bhat
Excellent Service by RudraTree. Dr Raja and Smt Vyshnavi are very professional and they made a beautiful Siddha Mala for me after consultation. I would recommend all to visit this wonderful place and experience it for themselves. OM NAMAH SHIVAYA 🙏
tribid maji
tribid maji
Absolutely thrilled with my experience at Rudratree! From the moment I entered their place, I was greeted with an array of high-quality products that exceeded my expectations. The team was incredibly helpful and responsive, overwhelmed by dr Raja sir's humble guidance, for my rudraaksh recommendations and rudraaksh purchase. Rudraaksh not only a hidden gem but also a life transforming experience, as it's blessed by Lord Shiva's divine energy!! Overall, I'm beyond impressed with Rudratree team and will definitely be recommending them to all my friends and family. Thank you for such an outstanding experience!
Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar
I went to buy spatika mala but after seeing rudrakshi I went love in that ..I consult with guruji .... he suggest ganesh,3,4,6 faces rudrakshi after wearing rudrakshi within one month my stress,fear,angry,anxiety,overthinking,negative thinking everything gone .I chant beeja mantra everyday and rudrakshi is my part of life.. thanks for guruji and staffs (staff or very nice )
Pallabi Bhattacharya
Pallabi Bhattacharya
Dr. Raja Sir is amazing. After checking the horoscope he explained everything in the proper way. He gave a proper solution and I am very much satisfied.
Krishnendu Panja
Krishnendu Panja
Good consultation and remidies what was suggested by the Dr Raja was good.

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