Origin of Ekadashi Fasting


Origin of Ekadashi Fasting

 The tale begins with the Devas (gods) being weakened due to a curse by the sage Durvasa. Unable to resist the attacks from the demons (Asuras), the Devas sought r soefuge with Lord Vishnu. Vishnu advised them to churn the ocean of milk to obtain Amrita (the nectar of immortality) which would restore their strength and powers. However, during the churning process, no Amrita was produced, and the Devas became further weakened.

 In their weakened state, they were unable to return to heaven and roamed the Earth. It was during this time that they encountered a devout woman observing the Ekadashi fast. This woman had quarreled with her husband and, in her distress, spent the night awake and fasting. In the morning, still following the rituals of Ekadashi, she prepared simple vegetarian food.

 The Devas approached her and learned about the Ekadashi fast, which involved abstaining from grains and certain foods and staying awake at night in devotion. Moved by her piety and the power of her fasting, they too observed the Ekadashi fast. The observance of this fast restored their strength and they were able to defeat the demons and return to heaven.

This story emphasizes the significance of Ekadashi fasting in Hinduism, portraying it as a powerful act of devotion capable of bestowing divine blessings and strength. It’s a testament to the belief that sincere observance of religious practices can yield miraculous results.

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